Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Marketing @ BioConnect

Bianca Lopes

Bianca Lopes is an owner & Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Marketing at BioConnect, a biometric technology company with a fundamentally different approach to “identity.”

She is responsible for establishing and managing global strategic partnerships for BioConnect in multiple verticals, currently fast growing on FinTech, Finance and Technology. She also heads up the strategy & marketing team with bolds tasks ahead, such as redefining identity globally!

Bianca continues to see the necessity for biometrics as channels converge and the world communicates in a constantly evolving omni-channel capacity to connect the unconnected world.

Relentlessly motivated from a young age, Bianca is ex-varsity, immigrated to Canada from Brazil and is a serial entrepreneur, having recently sold two businesses; one in trades and one in software.

She believes that change is the only constant life should have — and that magic truly only happens outside of your comfort zone!


Please feel free to connect with Bianca directly on Linkedin or follow her on Twitter at @biasmlopes.