CEO of Aequun Global Access Inc

Pina D’intino

There’s a Chinese proverb that says, “Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I may remember. But involve me, and I’ll understand.”

While there are many standars and resources out there to point organizations and businesses to gain a better understanding  of accessibility, Aequum Global Access believes in the power of enabling and engaging all   stakeholders to achieve accessibility through   measurable outcomes and capacity building. ,

Ms. D’Intino is the CEO of Aequun Global Access Inc.,   helping businesses achieve inclusion and accessibility through equal footing. By establishing a robust strategic influence in organizational accessibility, Ms. D’Intino is a sought-out consultant and speaker, internationally, that actively promotes accessibility and inclusion from both an executive and a grassroots perspective. For more than two decades, Ms. D’Intino worked in a large global financial institution holding several IT positions. , For the last 17 years she has pioneered and founded a cross-institutional hub for accessibility and inclusion. By way of creating awareness; building accessibility business cases; incubating accessibility at the onset of projects, initial designs & software development; and establishing IT accessibility standards, strategies, roadmaps & solutions – Pina bridges the dynamics of organization, employee, customer viewpoints, and needs, in order to establish a best-practices environment.  Ms. D’Intino was the Founder and co-chair of the Canadian Financial Institute on Assistive Technologies (CFIAT); is a Board Member of the G3 ICT IAAP -International Association of Accessibility Professionals active member of Job Opportunity Information Network (JOIN), Honorary Chair of Financial Services for G3ict, and Advisor on a number of AODA reviews and initiatives. She is a certified PMI member, and holds a Master’s Degree in Design in Inclusive Design (MDes) from OCADU. Ms. D’Intino also received a QE2 medal from David C Onley for her work in advancing employment for persons with disabilities.

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