Senior Director of UX + ID, Myant

Renn Scott

A design leader and prolific inventor, Renn has a passion for creating innovative user experiences and forward-thinking product designs. With over 20 years of experience at companies such as Myant, IBM and BlackBerry in leadership roles within user experience, design research, consumer insights and strategic innovation, Renn has helped design best in class products and experiences. Renn’s hands-on approach and point of view as a design leader is radically different than most. For any project she always starts with ‘WHY create’ in the first place and uses a co-creative design methodology and best practices based on insights gained from female consumers. Renn’s experience and observations has been that there is a lack of female design leaders and designers in the tech and design fields. Instead of just leading by example Renn also strives to empower other women to make, create and innovate in the field of design, technology and fashion by sharing her insights, skills and knowledge through Daily Goods Design LABS pop ups and educational event series.